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6.2.1. Correct Score Predictions limit setting

The player must set the amount corresponding to the accumulation of bets, all online lottery and correct score predictions combined, which can be recorded in periods of 7 days, at the latest at the time of the first bet made on a lottery game. This amount is valid for websites and applications offering online lottery and correct score predictions combined.

6.2.2. Correct Score Predictions calculation of the 7 day period

The period takes effect from the 1st taking of play, for 7 days. A new period of 7 days begins from the first play following the expiration of the previous period of the correct score predictions and so on.

6.2.3. Correct Score Predictions determining the amount of the limit

This amount can be between €1 and €1,800. The total of online lottery bets recorded over the same period cannot exceed the amount defined by the player. Subsequently, the player has the option of modifying this setting upwards or downwards at any time. Any decrease in the maximum amount defined by the player is taken into account immediately and any increase in this amount is taken into account 48 hours after the modification. Any new request to modify the limit of correct score predictions occurring during this 48-hour period cancels and replaces the previous request. In addition, if it is an upward modification, it restarts the 48-hour time limit for consideration.

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