Correct Score Tips

Correct Score Tips

Correct Score Tips

6.7. Correct Score Tips particular dispositions

On certain games, the player can also set his correct score tips limit for this game. The precise terms and conditions for defining this correct score offer limit are specified in the specific rules of the game concerned.

6.8. Correct Score Tips temporary exclusion from the game

From his CORRECT SCORE PREDICTIONS account, the player has the option of requesting and setting the duration of his temporary exclusion. A temporary exclusion allows the player to access his CORRECT SCORE TIPS account, but he can no longer make any bets, nor, if applicable, register on a new offer during the period set by the player, which cannot be less than 24 hours, nor more than 12 months. The temporary exclusion applies to all offers, including the correct score tips (online and at the point of sale, if applicable) subscribed to by the player. If the player requests the closure of his account during the self-exclusion period, under the conditions provided for in sub-articles 10.2 to 10.4, he cannot request the opening of a new correct score tips account during this period.

6.9. Correct Score Tips financial risk incurred by the player, gambling behavior and restrictions on gambling

As part of the fight against excessive gambling, the player is reminded that he has, in accordance with this article 6, a Playscan tool for evaluating his gambling practices and correct score tips. In this same context, Correct Score Predictions may be required to limit the possibilities of gambling if it considers that the financial risk incurred by the player and/or his gambling behavior can be assimilated to excessive or pathological gambling. The player is informed of this when taking play or when using our correct score tips and predictions.

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